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Age groups are determined by a player's age on April 30.

Enter the player's birth date below and select which season to compute for. Click "Compute" for age group division, shown in the box below. The division computed will be for the next registration.

The baseball year starts on
August 1st.

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Nations Baseball Arizona

Refund Policies

Nations Baseball- Arizona rain out policy is as follows for 4 game events:
No games played: Full Refund
1 game is started: 2/3 refund
2 game is started: 1/3 refund
3 games started: No Refunds
No gate refunds, nor rain checks, at any time. Tell your players and fans, if play is in doubt
due to inclement weather or rain, to wait until play begins to enter complexes.

Refunds for teams that cancel on a tournament that they paid for will result in a credit towards another event if given 15 days notice. Less than 15 day notice, credit may not be given.

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